Online Streaming

UTURN- “Episode One: The Tech Startup” can now be viewed using the SamsungVR player on these VR headsets (best experience):

GearVR, OculusGo, Google DayDream, iOS, Oculus Rift, MS Odyssey; or on a mobile Samsung phone.

  • For GearVR headset:
    • first install the SamsungVR app from the Google store on your Samsung phone;
    • then Click on this SamsungVR player link on your Samsung phone (sorry it won’t work on desktop or on any other phone so far);
    • then select the small headset icon on top of the video and insert the phone into your GearVR headset with headphones plugged in.

  • For all other headsets:
    • install the SamsungVR app first from the Oculus Store while inside your headset;
    • start the SamsungVR app while inside your headset;
    • then find UTURN by typing “uturn” in the Search functionality while inside your headset.