VR Series

Unique VR Features

UTURN VR desk view

  • First-person live action storytelling with full embodiment
  • Innovative 360 spherical space split-in-two with shifting male and female POVs
  • Viewers interactively control which side of the story they see by physically turning around—moving your body changes your perception
  • Spatial audio designed for dual storyscape

Series Outline

UTURN VR view of deskThe series follows RAY, a young female coder as she struggles to become a leader in her field and a role model for other women in tech. It also follows several men working in tech who struggle as well to become women allies in their profession and personal lives. Each episode illustrates various gender issues pertaining to different stage in Ray’s career: being valued and heard, being promoted, getting support while raising a family, being recognized as a leader, raising funds as an entrepreneur, etc.