UTURN VR at Vienna 2017

Nathalie Mathé will present the process behind the making of UTURN, the pilot for a 360 video comedy series,  this June at Vienna 2017. UTURN lets the viewer experience the gender divide in a tech start-up in live first-person point of view.

This VR short film innovates in a number of areas, by placing the viewers in the middle of two intertwined simultaneous stories, where they embody a female coder or her male boss. Viewers can choose what scene to watch at any time. Only the scene being looked at can be heard through a unique spatial sound design. Whatever you miss might change your perspective on the overall story.

She will present the creative design, live-action production, POV camera rig design, post-production process, and spatial sound design. The presentation will conclude with user testing results and a brief overview of future explorations for the series. 

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