UTURN at SF Film Festival VR Days

UTURN at SF Film Festival VR Days

UTURN has been selected to be shown at the 60th San Francisco International Film Festival during VR Days, April 9-10, 2017.


Tickets available here: VR Days LineUp

Our popular VR Days program returns for a second year, and now spans two days of immersive storytelling. Come experience some of this year’s finest storytelling in virtual reality and meet the artists behind this cutting-edge medium. From an Oscar-nominated animated short (Pearl) to interactive re-enactments of historic battles (My Brother’s Keeper) to cinematic dance on camera (Through You), this year’s lineup showcases a diverse slate of the best in VR.

Held at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, VR Days celebrates the great work coming out of the Bay Area and from around the world, with projects from Oculus, Google, New York Times VR, and more. Check out the best of Virtual Reality as well as a robust series of panels with some of the thought leaders in this field.

Tickets grant access to hour-long slots on VR gear as well as admission to all VR Days panels.

VR Days Panels: conVRsations

All conVRsations will be held at the Festival Lounge, 667 Mission Street, right around the corner from the YBCA.

conVRsations: Animated Worlds
Sunday, April 9 from 1:00–2:00 pm

Meet the makers behind ASTEROIDS! and Pearl (2017 Academy Award nominated) from Google Story St. The ASTEROIDS! team will share their latest work which pushes the boundaries of the interactive animation experience, while Pearl team discusses telling this story in both traditional 2D format and virtual reality.

Panelists: Julia Hamilton Trost (Google/Daydream), David Eisenmann (Pearl/ GSS)
Larry Cutler (ASTEROIDS!/Boabab)

conVRsations: Cinematic Narratives
Sunday, April 9 from 3:00–4:00 pm

Some of the leading voices in narrative VR work share their artistic process. Directors, producers and composers with work from Felix & Paul Studios, The New York Times and Oculus will lift the veil of mystery around telling great stories in Virtual Reality.

Panelists: Diana Williams (Lucasfilm), Mark Degli Antoni (Through You), Lily Baldwin (Through You), Armando Kirwin (L.A. Noir/ NYT), Ryan Horrigan (Dreams of ‘O’, Felix & Paul Studio), Joshua Rubin (The Argos File)

conVRsations: Shooting Great Stories
Monday, April 10 from 3:00–4:00 pm

Learn how to turn your VR idea from concept to reality. Artists pushing the boundaries of the form will demystify the creative process of development through production, offering a deep dive into the shoot itself. The artists highlight the great work being shot on Nokia’s OZO Camera. You’ll leave inspired to make your own!

Panelists: Csilla Kozma (Nokia), Sam Macaroni (VR maker)

conVRsations: Digital Promise Global
Tuesday, April 11 from 3:00–4:00 pm

The 360 Filmmakers Challenge, directed by Digital Promise Global as part of the Oculus VR for Good initiative, is the only formal program in which students are invited to be creators of 360° video content. Join the Digital Promise staff, students, and teachers in a discussion of methods to support teachers and empower students to tell their stories using the full 360° canvas.

Panelists: Dimitri Moore (Digital Promise Global – Video Producer and Storytelling Coach), Chelsea Waite (Digital Promise Global – Program Director for Global Learning) Timothy Band (Teacher-Sequoia High School), Gensis Lopez Alejandres (Student flmmaker, Sequoia High School), Parisa Zagat (Head of Oculus Policy Programs)

VR Days Films

Journey the cosmos aboard the spaceship of Mac and Cheez, and alien duo so mission-focused that they forget what’s important in life. Its up to you, the crew, to show them what really matters. Directed by Eric Darnell (Baobab Studios).

A lyrical roadtrip through the lives of an aspiring musician and his young daughter. Directed by Patrick Osborne (Google).

My Brother’s Keeper*
Two young brothers fighting on opposite sides of the Civil War unknowingly reunite one last time on the battlefield of Antietam. Directed by Connor Hair and Alex Meader (PBS).

Dreams of ‘O’*
Logline: Felix & Paul Studios and Cirque du Soleil production. A VR adaptation of Cirque du Soleil’s “O.” Directed by Felix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphael.

Zero Days VR*
A destructive cyber weapon targeting an Iranian nuclear facility spreads around the world instigating the next wave of modern warfare. Directed by Yasmin Elayat.

Through You*
Through You is an athletically vibrant and sensual exploration of love across a lifetime by director/dancer Lily Baldwin and director/technologist Saschka Unseld. Directed by Lily Baldwin and Saschka Unseld.

This is What the Future Looked Like
A virtual reality ode to Buckminster Fuller and his signature design, the geodesic dome. Original soundtrack by Yo La Tengo. Directed by Sam Greene and Gary Hustwit.

What happens when a young female coder joins a male-dominated floundering startup that’s deep in an identity crisis? Directed by Nathalie Mathe, Justin Chin and Ryan Lynch.

Great Performers: L.A. Noir*
Step into the world of “L.A. Noir” through a series of nine groundbreaking virtual reality films starring the year’s best actors—and you. Directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood, Ami Canaan Mann, and Armando McIntyre-Kirwin (VR).

The Argos File*
In the year 2029 you are a Memory Investigator for the Neuro Crimes Task Force whose job it is to solve murders by entering the memories of the dead. Directed by Josema Roig.

Virtual Virtual Reality*
A game about VR, AI and our collective sci-fi hallucinations. Directed by Samantha Gorman and Danny Cannizzaro.

*Indicates makers in attendance.

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