Virtual Reality Diversity Workshop

Virtual Reality Diversity Workshop

An immersive, 360 experience to uncover and explore today’s issues around inclusion and diversity

VR Diversity workshop
Virtual Reality Diversity workshop using GearVR googles

The time to take a serious look at your company culture is now.  Are you fostering an environment of equity and inclusion? Are you seeing the full potential and value of having a diverse workforce? We believe that it’s a continuous commitment from the whole organization – top to bottom, to create positive change, transparency, and involvement.

To do so, NativeVR’s UTURN VR experience has been integrated into a Virtual Reality “unconscious and conscious bias” workshop offered by Dragonfly Consultants. As you “live” the VR experience, you’re exposed to challenges such as career promotion challenges, lack of teamwork, support and recognition biases, and the influence of the venture capital landscape. The overall workshop is designed to foster a positive dialogue around diversity issues by letting each viewer explore both gender perspectives at their own choice. No-one sees exactly the same story. From there, the workshop reflects back to each participant’s perception and helps them:

  1.    Understand the felt experience at the individual level
  2.    Recognize the group dynamics and how to self-regulate group behavior
  3.    Identify the organizational levers for change that ensure there are behaviors and practices that align and reinforce the overall values of the organization and create sustainable inclusive conditions that welcome diversity.

Please contact Dragonfly Consultants for more information: Virtual Reality Diversity Workshop

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